How to fix application popup event id 1060 on Windows 10

You may experience several compatibility conflicts between various drivers and Windows 10. It can occur because some old files are included in specific driver fillings or due to incompatibility between 32-bit applications and 64-bit OS.

When the Windows 10 system sees the problem of incompatibility, you will receive a system warning. The most common sign that signaled this error is application popup event id 1060.

If you have experienced a 1060 popup ID event error, don’t panic. There is nothing wrong with your OS, and nothing terrible can happen. Pop-ups exist to notify you that the OS found something that did not work correctly between the recently installed drivers and your OS.

Usually, this warning should not stop any process, apart from the affected driver, which will not load under your Windows 10 OS. By the way, here is how you can try repairing the Popup Event ID 1060 application that does not work.

How to Solve Application Popup Event ID 1060 on Windows 10

  • Restart in safe mode and verification whether the problem is still there.
  • Remove the drivers that are outdated from your computer.
  • Update existing drivers.
  • Delete installation software that is not compatible with your Windows 10 system.

Restart in safe mode with network

You need to identify the reasons why the ID of the Popup Application 1060 event is happening. So, first, enter secure mode with the network. That’s how you can stop all third-party software that runs on your computer. If the problem does not appear safely, it is caused by the application or third party software and not by the default / official Windows 10 driver.

  • Thus, press Hotkey Win + R to carry a running box.
  • There, insert MSConfig and press Enter.
  • The system configuration window will be displayed.
  • From there, it turned to the boot tab.
  • Under the boot option, check out the safe boot.
  • And under the option, it also checks the network check box.
  • Save your changes and restart your computer.

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