How to fix corrupted memory dump effectively and efficiently!

Memory dumps are one of the most effective ways to cater to most of the errors found in Windows 10 and works well for troubleshooting purposes. But unfortunately, dump files can also get corrupted and cause errors such as death errors that could possibly make your computer unusable and may also lead to the blue screen error.

But worry not you can get your issue of corrupted dump files corrected by disabling the heartbeat monitoring for the virtual machine. This brings another question to mind how do we do that? Well worry not you can do it using these two effective methods mentioned below:

How to fix corrupted memory dump files?

1. Change settings in Windows PowerShell

  1. First, click on the start menu and search for PowerShell in the search box then click on Windows PowerShell
  2. Then select run as an administrator
  3. Now type in the following command:
    PS C:> Get-ClusterResource <VirtualMachineName> | Get-ClusterParameter CheckHeartbeat
  4. This will let you know whether or not heartbeat monitoring is enabled for the virtual machine.
  5. Moving on type in the following command to set the heartbeat check to 0:
    PS C:> Get-ClusterResource <VirtualMachineName> | Set-ClusterParameter CheckHeartbeat
  6. Now exit Window’s PowerShell and restart your PC.

2. Change settings in GUI

In case you weren’t able to change settings using the Windows PowerShell you can do that in GUI. To do that follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open failover cluster
  2. Then click on roles
  3. Now search the virtual machine role.
  4. Next, click on resources
  5. Under resources right-click on a virtual machine
  6. Then click on properties and choose settings
  7. Under Heartbeat Setting untick the enable automatic recovery for application health monitoring checkbox and enable heartbeat monitoring for the virtual machine checkbox
  8. Click ok

Do you know other methods to fix corrupted dump files? If yes mention them in the comments.


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