How to fix Invalid partition table USB boot error

When the “Cannot configure Windows” error on the data carrier appears on your Windows 10 installation, it is definitely due to incorrect formatting of the hard disk. Explain how to solve the problem.

Fix: Windows cannot be installed on the disk

Since Windows 8, modern computers and laptops use the new UEFI instead of the BIOS. For this UEFI to work, the local disk does not need to be formatted in MBR style, but in GPT format.
This error usually occurs when trying to install an existing Windows 10 running an older version of Windows on an existing computer.
To convert from MBR (Master Boot record) to GPT (GUED Partition Table), you need to complete the hard drive. Note that all data on the computer has been lost.

If necessary, save your data and select all partitions separately during the installation and click the “Delete” button below.
The hard disk can only be formatted if you insert a USB stick into Windows or use a Windows DVD.

If you really start the Windows installation while running, you will not be able to switch from MBR to GPT.

Change from MBR to GPT

Start by installing Windows and click on the height where you are asked where you want to place the windows.
Pressing the [Shift] and [F10] keys simultaneously opens the input prompt.
Enter the “diskpart” command and confirm with [Enter]. Then enter “List Disk”.
Check here to find out more about your hard drive. If only one hard disk is installed, the number is always “0”.
Now join the “Select Disk 0” command. However, if you can have a second number, you will need to go to the second number in addition.
Then follow the “Clear”, “Convert GPT” and “Exit” commands yourself.
If you click “Update” below, you can finally install Windows about your hard work.

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