How to fix network or internet connection problem in Windows?

The concept of the Internet is very strong in our lives today, and most people use it everywhere. People get training and knowledge on the internet. Visit exhibitions and libraries. Communication via social networks and video communicators (Skype, Viber, etc.); Project development; Sending and receiving information, letters, and documents. Learn and share the news. Watch movies and listen to music and much more. Many devices support access to the Internet: PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets. They all offer connections to the Internet in a variety of ways: via cable, via a “Wi-Fi connection” or through the possibility of mobile access through the services of mobile network operators.

METHOD 1: Run the built-in network troubleshooter


  1. The first thing to try to solve network connectivity issues is to enable built-in troubleshooters and network problems in Windows. This tool will diagnose and find the cause of the problem automatically and try to fix the problem whenever possible.
  2. To run the troubleshooting tool, right-click the network icon in the notification area of ​​the system tray and select Diagnose Problems from the pop-up menu.
  3. The process of identifying problems begins. The result appears in the Windows Network Assessment window.
  4. Wait, a few seconds. During this time, this tool will diagnose networks, troubleshoot, test your Internet connection, locate the source of the problem, and show you how to fix the problem.
  5. In most cases, this internal troubleshooting tool will completely restore and restore your Internet connection. As a last resort, he will identify an existing error and suggest a solution.

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