How to fix RTKVHD64.sys system errors on Windows 10

How to fix RTKVHD64.sys system errors on Windows 10

RTKVHD64.sys error is the blue screen error that usually happens when you play video games or albums. Countries blue screen error messages, STOP 0 × 0000003B SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION RTKVHD64.sys.

This is a system error that occurs when the Realtek audio device stops working. It could be because of a corrupted file system, invalid registry entries, malware, or outdated audio drivers. Here are some potential resolutions for RTKVHD64.sys BSOD error.

Correcting errors on a PC RTKVHD64.sys

1.Run Malware Scan

Malware that is a corrupt system file causes a BSOD error. Thus, the anti-virus scan can feasibly overcome the RTKVHD64.sys error.

You can take advantage of Windows Defender in Windows 10 was changed to scan for malware if you do not have third-party anti-virus software installed.

  • Click the button on the taskbar Cortana Windows 10 to open the application.
  • Put the keyword ‘Windows Defender’ in the search box.
  • Select Windows Defender to open the window
  • Click the shield icon on the left of the page window.
  • Click the Advanced scan for further options open.
  • Select the Full scan option to scan for the most extensive.
  • Press Scan Now button to start the anti-virus scan.

2.Scanning the Windows Registry

Invalid registry entries is another factor to fault RTKVHD64.sys and other blue screen problem. Scan the registry with a software utility that can effectively address the issue.

A registry cleaner is one of the essential utilities that Windows does not have, but you can choose from various third-party registry scanner. This is how you can scan the registry with CCleaner.

  • Click Download to save the CCleaner freeware installer to your hard drive. Open CCleaner saved
  • Setup Wizard to install the utility software.
  • Open the CCleaner window shown in the snapshot immediately below.
  • Click Registry to open a registry cleaning tool.
  • Select all the checkboxes for the most thorough registry scan.
  • Press Scan for problems to start the initial scan.
  • Then press the Fix selected problems to start the primary scan.
  • A dialog window box will ask to backup the registry. Because this is a reliable software, it is not necessary to press the Yes button.
  • Press the Fix All Selected Issues button to remove registry values.

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