How to fix SrtTrail.txt BSoD error? [Solved]

What Srttrail.txt BSOD error?

Windows 10 is equipped with an automatic repair utility that attempts to correct errors startup failure. However, repairs will fail, and you will get Srttrail.txt Blue Screen of Death errors (also known as BSOD error MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION).

When this error occurs, you will be given two options: “System shutdown” and “Advanced improvement.” Choosing the latter must boot the computer in Safe Mode. But instead of leading to a shutdown startup endless loop.

If you encounter errors Repair SrtTrail.txt with an automatic circle, you can try the repair is presented below to get it resolved.

Before we start, we suggest you run backups, so you do not risk losing your files.

Fix 1: Run System Restore

When your computer restarts several times, you will be presented with a boot menu selection. Once there, follow the three steps below to restore your system to a point when it was functioning without problems:

  • Click the option Issues> Advanced.
  • Select System Restore from the open window.
  • Provide administrator credentials if prompted.
  • Click Next to use when the restore point or select “Choose a different restore point” and then click Next.
  • If you go for the latter option, select the point you would like your system to be fully restored and then click Next to begin the recovery process.

Fix 2: Remove and replace your laptop battery.

Remove your battery from the system and put it back after a while can help eliminate the BSOD error. This tweak works for some users and can do for you too.

Reinsert the battery, connect the power cord, and then boot up your system to see if the error has been resolved.

Fix 3: Remove your USB device.

If there is an external USB device connected to the PC, unplug them and restart the computer. See if you can solve the problem.

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