How to Fix symelam sys boot error with these solutions

Symelam.sys is a driver of Windows 10 which is relatively unimportant for Windows 10 and doesn’t cause many problems to the computer however sometimes it does cause boot errors if the symelam.sys is corrupted in any way. Symelam.sys is also a part of Norton Antivirus. So how do we fix the boot error? There are possibly two effective ways that can fix the symelam.sys boot error.

1. Upgrade the drivers on your computer:

Symelam.sys usually saves the information related to operating system. So, sometimes because of obsolete drivers the symelam.sys boot error is caused. It has an easy fix that is to simply update your drivers!

How to update drivers:

• In the search bar on the control panel search for device manager.

• Then click on the device manager.

• Select search automatically for updated drivers

• Select update driver.

And voila problem solved! But if this doesn’t work let’s move on to the second solution.

2. Run a malware scan on your computer:

It may be possible that your computer is infected by malware and that leads to symelam.sys error. So, all you have to do is scan your computer for any potential malware threats, and if you find any after the scan simply terminate it. You can use any antivirus software for malware scans such as Norton, McAfee, Avast Antivirus, etc.

Other reasons to symelam.sys boot error:

Well, we discussed the major and most common reasons for the symelam.sys boot error above but there certain other reasons that may cause this type of error such as damaged hardware or hard disk, incompatibility issues, hardware failure, etc. So if your issue isn’t solved with the mentioned solutions you can look for other things that might be the reason to cause the error

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