How to fix The server stumbled 0x80072EFD error

Microsoft Store is the best place to get yourself new games and apps. However, sometimes the Microsoft Store is faced with issues such as the server stumbled error 0x80072EFD. Nevertheless, you can fix this error by following this detailed step by step guide.

How can you fix the server stumbled 0x80072EFD error?

Correct your internet settings:

  • Press Windows key + R key
  • The RUN dialogue box will appear.
  • Then type ncpa.cpl and then press Enter.
  • Network Connections window will appear.
  • Head over to your respective connection and right-click on it
  • After that, select properties.
  • Now choose Ipv4(internet protocol version 4) and click on properties.
  • Now click use the following DNS service addresses.
  • Now set the following values.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

  • Click ok to save changes.

Turn off manual proxy settings:

  • Head over to the Settings app
  • Then click on Network and Internet
  • Now, click on the Proxy Tab
  • Locate Manual Proxy Setup
  • Then simply turn off the option of Use a proxy server

Enable automatic settings detection:

  • Go to the Control Panel and click on Network and Internet
  • Then select Internet Options
  • Now, choose the Connections tab from the window that appeared on the screen
  • Click on LAN settings
  • Now, in the LAN settings window, choose Automatically detect settings checkbox
  • And deselect Use a proxy server for your LAN
  • Delete everything in the Address and Port boxes
  • Next click OK and close Control Panel


I’m certain that the solutions mentioned above, assisted you well in fixing the issue. However, if not then let us know what other way you found to fix this problem.

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