How to fix Windows 10 errors when mounting ISO files

Since its launch on Windows 8, File Explorer has been able to turn images on and off ISO disks without installing third-party software. This feature is now also available in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, and as you will see in this guide, it is very easy to use. Learn how to use File Explorer to mount and disconnect the ISO image files you need to work with:

What is an ISO Disc Image?

Since Windows 10, it is possible to mount an ISO file with the right click of the disk button. It’s definitely easier if you want to upgrade, so you can click Setup directly from the newly created disk without having to unpack the ISO. But ‘Available’ is also a great option for other tasks, for example checking the contents of an ISO without installing a third-party program.

A disk image is a file that stores contents on single optical disk space. It can be a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc. Disk stuff can be anything: games, movies, music albums, random collection files, etc. The most popular file format for disk images is ISO.
If you encounter data with the “.ISO” extension, this is a disk copy.
In Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows, you’ll need to install third-party software applications to enable ISO disk views. With Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 you no longer need to try it. All the basic components are filed I.e.
When you open the disk icon, you see the contents as if the disk could be copied, and you use the disk image as unique as the real disk.

How do you mount an ISO disk image in File Explorer?

If you have a third-party program installed to work with ISO files, take a few clicks or taps to mount the disk image in File Explorer. First, open File Explorer and go to the .ISO file you want to read. Select it by clicking or tapping on it.

Click or tap the ISO file on the Ribbon Control tab and then click the Mount button.

Alternatively, you can right-click the file or swipe the ISO file. Click or tap Mount in the context menu.

If you have installed a third-party program that works with ISO files and you do not want to use the program, but want to open it through File Explorer, right-click or hold on to the ISO file ۔ Then click or tap Open after File / Windows Explorer.

Whichever method you use to mount the ISO file, the result may be the same: the disk copy file is opened in Explorer as if it were the physical CD that cloned it. If AutoPlay is enabled, the AutoPlay menu will appear on the disc and you will be prompted to select an action.


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