How to fix Windows 10 rollback loop?

Rollback is a feature in Windows that lets you go back to a previous state of your system, such as going back to the previous version of your Windows software. However, sometimes this action gets stuck in between, and you’re not able to complete the action as your computer displays a blue icon of loading on your screens. Here are some ways to complete the rollback and fix the error.

3 ways to fix Windows rollback loop:

Perform a force restart or shutdown:

One of the straightforward and easy fixes to this issue is to force restart or shut down your computer. Many users have reported that this has been a practical fix for the rollback error.

Using a hard drive image to restore your system:

If you have backup software and you use a backup image, then you should go for this method. All you’ve to do is back up your system using the hard drive backup image before updating the Windows.


  • Restart your computer then repeatedly press the F2 key so that you can enter in BIOS
  • Now in the BIOS, head over to BOOT MODE and change the value from UEFI to Legacy.
  • Lastly, save changes and run the rollback again.

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