How to increase mouse sensitivity in Windows 10

A computer mouse is a key peripheral device used by almost all users for input. You can use your mouse to quickly perform any action on your computer. However, there are users who want to further increase the sensitivity of the mouse. It’s relatively simple and easy and today we show you how to do it in Windows 10.

Solution 1. Change the DPI settings on your mouse.

The best way to change the sensitivity of a mouse is to use the DPI button on your mouse. Typically, gaming mice have a DPI button that you can use to switch to different sensitivity settings. This is the best way to change your sensitivity as you can change it with the push of a button. We should note that your DPI settings are temporary and in most cases, they will reset to your default values ​​as soon as you turn off your computer.

Adjustable DPI rats are relatively affordable. So if you need a mouse that is sensitive to different levels, you may want to invest in a new mouse.

Solution 2. Change the sensitivity of the mouse using the control panel

If you’re happy with your current mouse and don’t want to change it, you should know that you can change the mouse’s sensitivity in Windows. To do this, proceed as follows:

Press Windows + S and go to the Control Panel. Select Control Panel from the results list.
When the control panel opens, select the mouse from the list of options.

The Mouse Properties window appears. Click on the Pointer Options tab and adjust the mouse pointer speed by moving the slider. You also want to turn on the option to increase the accuracy of points.

After adjusting the mouse speed, click OK to save your changes and apply.

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