I have two download folders in Windows 10, what should I do?

I have two download folders in Windows 10, what should I do?

Once you open the File Explorer, there is provided for the entire left side of the tree sidebar. There, you can find all the main folders you regularly use, including the Downloads folder. However, some users do not want to deal with two or even three leading download folder on the same street.

This might be due to a system error during a system upgrade or some third-party applications does not make sense to add another folder. Because all of their links to the same path (usually C: UsersUsernameDownloads), you might want some of them go.

We made sure to explain how to remove the built-in folder (or not) in our list is provided below.

How to remove redundant downloads folder of Windows 10

1: Remove redundant folders

If the road is common to both folders but they are presented with two different names, you can remove one freely without impact. Just make sure to backup all your data from the folder to avoid permanent data loss. Of course, if the third party applications create a folder, the next time you try to download something, it will create the same folder. That’s why we suggest re-assign the download to the system-default Downloads folder.
Once you’ve done that, wandering through all the applications that you use to download the file and change the path. All browsers store files in the default folder, originating in C: UsersUsername. If you want to change them, proceed with further steps.

2: Change the path to the downloaded file

Now, if you want to change the default download location and remove the default Download folder, it’s really a new agreement. And it could do with a particular Registry script or the manual approach. Perhaps, in this scenario, the built-in Downloads folder of no use to you.
Perhaps you want to store your downloads away from the system partition. Does that include alternative storage partitions or even a quick client service cloud their backs.

Here’s how to completely remove the built-in download folder on the Windows 10:

  1. Download Registry script and save it on your PC. Preferably, on the Desktop.
  • 64-bit versions
  • 32-bit versions
  1. Run the patch as administrator and confirm merger.
  2. Restart your PC
  3. This is a way to change the default download location on Chrome, Mozilla, and End:


  1. Click on 3 points and Settings menu opens.
  2. Expand the Advanced section.
  3. Under Download> Location, click Change
  4. Select an alternative location where the future of the files you download will be saved.


  1. Click on the hamburger menu and options.
  2. Under Files and applications> Download, click Browse.
  3. choose the download location.


  1. Click on 3 points and Settings menu opens.
  2. Under the Downloads section, click Change and change the location.
  3. All new downloads will be stored in the new location selected.

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