Fix This PC Cant' Run Windows 11 PC Health Check

Install Windows 11 on old (non-compatible) Device

After watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Install Windows 11 on an older laptop and PC with unsupported hardware, such as 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, or 2nd generation processor.
  • Install Windows 11 successfully even if the Microsoft PC Health check tool shows This PC can’t run Windows 11 message.
  • learn how to bypass TPM check, without actually having TPM 2.0 physically installed on your system.
  • Know how to install Windows 11 without enabling secure boot in system BIOS settings.
  • Install Windows 11 on a laptop or PC that does not meet Windows 11 minimum system requirements.

The things and tools you will need are:

  • Windows 10 ISO file (yes Windows 10 ISO).
  • Windows 11 ISO file (obviously)
  • Ultra ISO (to safely modify ISO file)
  • Rufus (to create Windows 11 bootable USB disk)

You will need to replace a file in Windows 11 ISO that is responsible for checking the TPM. It means when you replace the file the Windows 11 setup will not check the TPM and continue installation.

Here is how to prepare/modify ISO.

  • First open Windows 11 ISO file
  • Open UltraISO program and open Windows 11 ISO in it.
  • In the Windows 11 ISO, go to sources folder, locate appraiserres.dll and delete it.
  • Now open Windows 10 ISO, go to sources folder and copy appraiserres.dll.
  • Go back to Windows 11 sources folder and paste the appraiserres.dll (where you deleted it).

After successful appraiserres.dll replacement, now the ISO is ready to create a bootable USB or DVD for Windows 11 installation.

Here is how to create Windows 11 bootable DVD/USB flash disk?

  • Download and run Rufus
  • Insert a flash disk (at least 8GB storage)
  • Choose the Windows 11 ISO you just modified.
  • Click Start and wait for a few minutes for the process to complete.

All done, now restart the computer and boot using the Windows 11 flash disk. If you face any problem, try watching the video carefully and follow each step for better implementation The video also shows an alternative method to modify and install Windows 11 on unsupported old machine.

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