Is the cng.sys file missing on your Windows PC? Full guide to fix this

Is the cng.sys file missing on your Windows PC? Full guide to fix this

File cng.sys not a threat to your computer, though, and as part of the Windows OS, you do not have to remove or prevent loading every time you start your computer. It will lead to other unexpected errors or even cause Windows to stop working.

Before you try any solution, consider the following as they rely on the solution:

Make and model of your machine.
When you receive the error cng.sys
Whether you have recently made changes to your computer settings
Any recent changes to your computer’s hardware
Have you installed any third-party security applications?
If you receive errors related to cng.sys like cng.sys missing, here are some solutions that you can try to fix it.

How to fix error in Windows 10

1. Restore the previous version of Windows

It is one of the fastest ways to resolve the error cng.sys, but you must do so within a 10-day window after upgrading Windows 10.

It means that if you have a Windows version before the upgrade, then you do upgrade, you can go back to your previous version in that period. If not, you will have to make do with the new version.

Here’s how to roll back to a previous version of Windows you to continue enjoying your webcam:

  • Go to settings
  • Click Update and Security
  • click Recovery
  • Select the tab back Go to the previous build
  • Click to Start
  • Click Next when asked why you choose to return your software
  • Once you do the above, follow the instructions to return to the last version on your computer.

2. Download and install the pending updates on your computer

Download and install Windows updates (pending) can help to solve the problem.

3. Run a full scan of your computer

If you have Microsoft Security Scanner, run a full scan of the computer and check if it helps.

Each data file infected can be cleaned only by completely deleting the file as a whole; there is a possibility of data loss.

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