Jraid.sys: What it is, frequent errors and how to fix them!

JRAID is a JMicron Technology manufactured driver for Windows that acts as an essential link between the Windows and chip controllers. Any kind of corruption in this driver leads to issues with controller chips and really serious system errors.

The most common jraid.sys errors:

  1. STOP 0x0000000A:
    • This shows driver problems due to any issues with the file.
  2. STOP 0x0000001E:
    • This blue screen means that the driver might be facing some issues.
  3. Your PC got problems and needs to restart. We are just collecting information and then restart it for you. If you need to know more, search online for jraid.sys error:
    • The error tells that your computer might have crashed as a result of a malicious JRAID.sys
  4. STOP 0×00000050:
    • Again this refers to a fault in the system’s jraid driver file configuration.
  5. A problem was detected and Windows shut down to prevent further damage to the computer :
    • The problem is likely to occur when any jraid.sys system related files are deleted.

How to fix jraid.sys:

Restart your computer [Method 1]:

Restarting the computer is a pretty cliché solution but trust me it’s one of the most effective methods to get rid of errors and let your computer working normally again. However, it may be possible that this classic method of solving issues may not work so let’s jump to the next solution.

Scan your computer for malware [Method 2]:

It is possible that the computer is attacked by any potential malware. So scanning your computer for malware will let you know if there’s present any malware in your computer and by simply deleting it the jraid.sys is likely to be fixed!

Update your Windows software [Method 3]:

Another fix to jraid.sys is simply updating your Windows software to the newer version!

More Solutions to fix jraid.sys:
• Restore your computer
• Run ChkDsk
• Repair corrupt files
• Uninstall any faulty application

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