Media Creation Tool: Access denied on Windows 10 ISO to USB

Media Creation Tool is a very simple and easy tool to create a bootable device. However, many Windows 10 users have reported an error during the transfer of Windows ISO files to the USB drive that says:Access denied on Windows 10 ISO to USB . So we’ve written this article as a step by step guide for Windows 10 users to help them fix this error on their PCs.

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How to fix the access denied error in Windows 10?

Solution1:Format your drive using diskpart

  • Simply connect your USB drive to the computer
  • Then run command prompt as admin
  • Now type the following command in the command prompt box:

list disk

  • From the list choose the hard drive as choosing the wrong one could possibly format your whole hard drive so be careful with this task. After that select disk X and then replace the X with the number of your USB drive
  • Next run the following commands:

create partition primary
select partition 1
format quick fs=fat32

  • Let the command run and see if you can create bootable media again

Solution 2:Replace RUFUS with Media Creation Tool

  • Launch RUFUS
  • Now set the partition scheme to GPT partition scheme for UEFI
  • Set file system to FAT32
  • Next choose your device from the Device tab
  • Now check the box saying Create a bootable disk using ISO(choose your Windows 10 ISO)
  • Then press Start and let the process finish

Solution 3:Use a different USB drive

It is possible you see access denied when transferring ISO files to your USB. Well, in that case you can try using a different USB drive to see if that works.

  • Go to This PC and open it
  • Look for your USB drive’s location
  • When found right click on it and click Properties
  • Now choose NTFS as file system
  • Then click Start
  • After the the format runs , use creating media creation tool to create a bootable drive


We’re certain that these solutions were effective in solving the error but still if you’re facing issues then let us know in the comments below so that we can research more and update this article with more solutions.

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