Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons missing [Chrome, Windows]

As it turns out, the title bar has more, less, and closer buttons. However, sometimes the title bar, max, min, and proximity buttons are missing in File Explorer. A bug in your computer can cause this type of problem, or a built-in tool or program that comes with your computer can cause it. In addition, it is advisable to consider other factors, such as b. Corruption in system files as well as user profile errors in the domain network.

There are various suggestions to solve this problem. You can test your computer in clean boot mode to see if a third-party program is the root cause of the problem. You can try running built-in tools like System File Checker and DISM tool. You can also clear the video buffer, restore or install the application, or recreate the user profile.

As mentioned earlier, it is possible that a third party program or service may be behind the issue. To rule out this possibility and identify the culprit, you need to start your computer clean. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your computer as an administrator.
  • Enter msconfig. Click the Star Search button to open the System Configuration Utility.
  • From there, go to the General tab and click “Selective Startup”.

Uncheck the “Startup Items” checkbox and make sure the “Load System Services” and “Use original startup configuration” options are checked.
Then click on the Services tab and check the “Hide all Microsoft services” checkbox.

  • Click Disable All.
  • Click OK / Restart and restart your computer. (This will put your computer in a clean boot state. To
  • configure Windows for normal startup use, easily undo the changes.)
  • To really isolate the problem, you need to turn off one third party app at a time. After mitigating the issue, you can disable or remove the third-party app that is causing the problem.

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