Not connected – no connections available on Windows 10

Sometimes you start having these network connection errors such as Not connected – no connections error. Here are some solutions to fix this error.

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How to fix the Not connected – no connections error on Windows 10?

Restart the router:

Sometimes restarting your router can be the fix to your problem. Press the power button and wait for few minutes and then turn on your router. It will reset your IP address and solve your problem.

Changing Power Management Settings

  • Once again, open the Device Manager
  • Then locate your respective wireless adapter
  • Open its properties
  • Head over to the Power Management Tab
  • Now tick the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power box
  • Click Ok and reboot your PC

Disable your system’s firewall

So we all know that firewalls are super crucial for the security of our computers. However, sometimes the firewall can interfere with the system and cause the Not connected – no connections available error. So, you should consider disabling or deactivating your firewall for a while and see if the error is gone. Moreover, if the error is gone when you disabled the firewall and realize it starts to appear when you enable the firewall again. Well, in that case, you may have to uninstall the firewall from your system entirely.

Update your adapter’s drivers:

  • Press Windows key + X key
  • Next, click on Device Manager.
  • When the Device Manager manager opens head to Display Adapters section, now find your network’s Adapter driver.
  • Next, right-click on the driver and click on uninstall
  • Then tick the Remove the driver software for this device box and click ok.
  • After the driver has been removed, Restart your PC
  • Now go to your respective network’s adapter manufacturer’s site and download and install the latest drivers.

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