Side-by-side configuration is incorrect error [Fixed]

If you try to start a program under Windows, the error message may be “side by side wrong”. This error message appears under different versions of Windows versions, e.g. B. Windows 10, 8, or 7.

Use Windows and Windows runtime libraries (“DLLs”) to run programs. The problem usually occurs when DLL files are not compatible with the installed program version. Google Chrome is often affected by this error.

Best ways to solve this problem.

The problem is often related to insufficient installation. B. The remnants of the old version of the same program conflict with the current file version.
Normal installation usually fixes quickly.
Search for the same program through the control program using the “Remove Programs” option and uninstall the application to reinstall the program.

Note that if programs, personal settings, etc. are removed, they are usually removed as well. To avoid this, you can go through the annoying ‘side by side’ alternative solution.

Some C ++ libraries may be missing for the program to work properly.
Install the appropriate package accordingly. It can be found as. B. In the download area of Microsoft (click on the button below the list to access it) or directly from us
When choosing an installer, show whether you are using the X64 or x86 system.
Note that there are different versions of “Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistribution” that differ in the number of years in the filename. If we do not resolve the error after the first installation, try installing the second package.

Fixed error under Windows

Another way to solve problems is to check the file system.

To do so, follow the command prompt with administrator privileges.
Enter the “sfc / scannow” command and confirm your entry using the interlock.
In certain cases, we can retrieve incorrect files in the same way.
Elsewhere, we’ll show you how to clean WinSxS.


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