SOLVED: Can’t change Windows 10 default apps

Standard programs in Windows 10, such as the first version of the operating system, are programs that start automatically when certain types of files, links, and other items are opened, i.e. the program that assigns this file type as the central program. Open them (for example, open a JPG file and the photo request will open automatically).

Sometimes, you may need to change the default programs: most – the browser, but sometimes it can be useful and necessary for other programs. It’s easy, but sometimes there can be problems like B. If you already want to install a portable program. By default, Windows 10 specifies how to install and replace programs and applications in Windows 10.


Setting up default apps in Windows 10 settings


The primary interface for the standard installation of programs in Windows 10 is located in a similar “Settings” section, which can be opened by clicking on the gear icon in the Start menu or using the Windows + I hotkeys.

  • There are many options to customize the standard application.

Always set up standard programs

Central applications (according to Microsoft) are presented separately by default. A browser, an email application, maps, a photo viewer, a video, and a music player. Use the following steps to configure it (such as changing the default browser).

  1. Go to Settings – Applications – Default Applications.
  2. Click the application you want to change (for example, to change the default browser, click the application in the Web Browser section)
  3. Select the desired standard program from the list.
  4. It completes the steps and a new default program for the selected task will be installed in Windows 10.


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