SOLVED: Windows 10 ISO file won’t download

An ISO file or ISO icon is a file that acts as a memory for a DVD or CD file system, for example, a Windows installation CD. There is no change in all rights and metadata in the ISO file. That way, for example, you can download Windows 10 without having to buy a disc at the store (you must, of course, still have a license).

If you want to download the ISO file now, you will need a media creation tool as a source to download the file. The media creation tool is very suitable for many things, such as creating an installation medium after a USB stick.

Download the Windows 10 ISO file

Get the ISO file without the media creation tool, you need to access the website on a non-Windows 10 device. Since you want an ISO file on your Windows 10 computer, here’s a little trick:


  • Navigate to the page using the Microsoft Edge browser and press F12.
  • A window will now open in which you should find the menu item emulation.
  • Here you can now manually change the user agent string. Edge Browser pretends to be another device. To do this, for example, select Apple Safari (iPad) from the menu.

Edge Browser will now display itself on the site as a Safari browser used on an iPad. Since the download page now thinks you need to be able to get to the Windows 10 device page, you can download the Windows 10 ISO file.

Now find the ISO file that suits you, choose between 32 bit and 64 bit, and then click download. Once you close the open page with F12, Edge will return to its normal state and will no longer recognize itself as a member.


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