SOLVED: Windows 10 ISO file won’t work

Microsoft is bringing a media creation tool that can upgrade the computer to Windows 10 that produces the installation media or when using an ISO file to install Windows 10.

If you are not thinking of creating a CD or USB drive, how can you reinstall Windows 10 without losing data? Here we use the Windows ISO file.

Step 1: Download Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool.

Step 2: Get the Windows 10 ISO file.

1. Open the downloaded tool and select Create Installation Media for Another Computer.

Note: If you want to reinstall Windows 10 on a computer that has already enabled Windows 10, use the Upgrade PC Now option. That way, you don’t lose data or programs when you reinstall Windows 10.

2. Select language, architecture (32 or 64 bit), and add them to continue.

Enable the ISO file option to create an installation CD. Note that this tool requires that the ISO file be later burned to DVD.

Step 3: If you need to install Windows 10 without USB disk or DVD from USB file, you need to mount the ISO file. It will also upgrade your existing operating system to Windows 10.

To mount the ISO file:

1. Locate the ISO file and right-click on it, select Properties.

2. Under Change, click the General tab, select Windows Explorer to open the file, and click OK.

Press the Mouse button Right-click on this file and select Mount.

4. Double-click on the ISO file to view the files included, and double-click on Acceptable to configure Windows 10.

Step 4: Once the setup is complete, decide whether you want to download and install the updates. Here we suggest choosing the first option. These updates facilitate installation by adding key solutions and the latest device drivers.

Step 5: Setup will be checked for available updates.

Step 6: Click the Accept button on the License Terms screen.

Step 7: Setup will start checking for updates and downloading them.

Step 8: When everything is done, you will see the “Are you ready to install” screen where you can click on the link labeled “Replace items to keep”.

Step 9: Then three options will be presented. If you need to reinstall Windows 10 without losing data and applications, you need to enable personnel files and cap programs.


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