Stuck at configuring Windows Updates screen? Try these fixes

Updating your Windows software is important for the health of the software as it fixes errors and bugs as well as improve the security of the system. However, Windows users face a lot of update errors such as the glitch where Windows is stuck at configuring the Windows update screen. Here are some ways that will help you fix this issue on your devices.

How to fix the stuck configuring Windows update screen?

Wait a bit:

Often the Windows update takes a bit to install and so the screen seems to be stuck. So leave the device for a few minutes because it is possible that the update is being installed.

Enter Safe Mode:

  • Press Windows key + L key
  • Open the power button menu and click on the restart while holding the shift key simultaneously
  • Now in the boot options, click on troubleshoot
  • Then click on Advanced Options and head over to Startup Settings
  • Next, click on the restart button
  • After your computer restarts, keep pressing the F5 key to enter the Safe Mode
  • Now restart the computer in safe mode and check if the issue is resolved

Note: enter safe mode in the appropriate category that is entering safe mode with networking

Unplug external devices:

So you may have different external devices plugged in your computer for various reasons, such as a USB drive to store files. However, sometimes these external devices tend to interfere with the system and cause errors. Therefore you should consider unplugging all the external devices and see if the issue persists.


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