Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on: Here’s how to fix this problem

Microsoft Surface Go, Surface Book, Surface Laptop or Surface Pro does not wake up, struggles to stay online, or have a black screen without a level logo. There are some things that keep you engaged that need to be.

Why we’re going to focus on why the Surface Pro doesn’t work or wake up and show you some effective solutions. Whether you are choosing Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2/3/4/5/6/7 / X, Surface Book, Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop, or Surface Go, each of these solutions will guide you.
However, most do not know the root cause of this problem. In this particular case, you can go to the following solutions individually until you find the solution you enjoy.


Solutions to non-system problems

If we do not relate the problem that Surface Pro does not turn on or wake up to the system, it can be easily solved.

  • Resolve the non-system issue of not turning on Surface Pro
  1. Charge the Surface device
  2. Check the charging cable
  3. Turn on your Surface with hotkeys
  4. Gently reset the Surface device
  5. Force shutdown and restart Surface
  6. Remove all Surface accessories

Fix: charge the Surface device

  • Sometimes this problem is very simple: the battery runs out on the Surface Pro or any other Surface device. If you use the device for a long time without connecting it, the battery may be empty.

You can therefore plug in the charging cable and then press the on/off button to see if the Surface device starts successfully. Here you do not have to wait until the Surface device is fully charged. This surface device can be turned on as long as the device is not connected to a power source.

Solve the problem of not turning on Surface Pro

  1. Correct MBR
  2. Set the system partition as active
  3. Fix startup errors
  4. Perform a system restore
  5. Reinstall Windows 10
  6. Ask for professional help


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