Taskbar icons flashing & flickering on Windows 10 [Fixed]

Windows 10 users have reported “flickering / flashing desktop icons” in the Microsoft community. As highlighted by the user, desktop, and system tray icons will automatically blink or blink every 4 minutes. This is annoying and frustrating for Windows users. You can’t click on desktop icons for credit rating flashes.

Taskbar icons flashing & flickering

This is especially noticeable on older versions of Windows 10 when an update slips off the glowing icons you need. Fixing the future has removed the hassle, yet some users still seem to experience this error.

User reports show that once desktop icons start blinking up in Windows 10, they can’t do anything on their computer. Below are some solutions we suggest continuing the resolution.

Once the PC starts up, it takes an unusually long time after the login screen before loading the “image” section of the desktop icons. Sometimes text appears first and faster in file names, then there is a delay before the icon images are “painted” on the monitoring screen. I also noticed that at any time when the file manager usually opens the directory structure window, the same file names keep flashing on the left.


  1. Open Windows Explorer. Go to profile% User% \ AppData \ Local
    Make sure we check the Show Hidden Files option. Change the properties of IconCache.db so that it is not hidden. Close Windows Explorer (visible in step 7 below).
  2.  Open Task Manager (used in Step 6).
  3. Open the command line
  4. Over the CD to the local user profile%. The DIR should show IconCache.db in the folder.
  5.  In the Task Manager window, sort by application and click on Explorer X. Click on the closing process. Make sure the Explorer process is not working. The start button and taskbar disappear.
  6.  Delete the IconCache.db: LED IconCache.db file in the command prompt window.
  7. At the command prompt, type Explorer and restart Explorer. The Start button and taskbar reappear.


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