The computer restarted unexpectedly or got an unexpected error

In one case, during system reinstalling, upgrading from an earlier version of Windows, or installing a newer version of Windows 10, error, computer unexpected restart, or an unexpected error occurred. Windows installation cannot continue. “If you click OK, the computer will restart the window again with the same error, and so on in a circle … in this particular case, what to do to install Windows 10 To do?

This issue may occur at one stage of installing (or upgrading) the operating system, after rebooting the next system, and looks like:

The computer restarted, or an unexpected error occurred. Windows installation cannot continue. To install Windows, click OK to restart your computer, and then restart the installation.

To resolve this issue, you will need:

Error Press keyboard shortcut on the right side of the screen, Shift + F10
In the command line window that opens, start the registry editor by running the regedit command.

In the editor window, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Y SYSTEM \ Setup \ Status \ Child Completion section
Get the parameter setup… in the right area. Most likely it is equal to 1. Change the value to 3 and save the change.
Note. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you install Windows Installer to proceed to the next step of the system installation.

You need to close the registry editor and restart your computer with the following command: shutdown -r -t 0
After the reboot, the Windows 10 installation/update process should continue normally.

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