The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable [Easy Fix]

The error message is due to file corruption or damage to external devices where the files are stored. And that’s why you can’t access files or other things you want to do.

Here are some common causes of hard disk corruption.

  • MFT and FAT partition corruption
  • Physical damage to external drives.
  • Abruptly removing external drives.
  • Because of virus infection

Repairing a file or directory is corrupt and unreadable from Windows 10

We recommend that you use the computer to repair the computer as it can cause file corruption, malware or virus infections, file loss prevention, hardware corruption, registry corruption, and other Windows errors. Can you help fix bugs? It also helps you to improve the performance of Windows PC / Laptop and free up computer glitches with just one scan.

So that the tool file or directory gets corrupted and a message of irreparable error appears on Windows 10/8/7 operating system.

However, if you want to follow the other alternative solution to fix a bad external hard drive or corrupt files in Windows, follow the given solutions.

The Windows operating system also has several built-in tools to diagnose and correct file system errors. Here’s how to use it to recover corrupted files or files and irreparable wrong messages.


CHKDSK order to repair Corrupt File System


It is recommended to use the check disk command line in CMD to clean the hard disk. This will help you to correct the error and recover the lost data.

Follow the steps to use it.

  • Press Win key + X> select command prompt (administrator)
  • A User Account Control pop-up window now appears with the permission to ‘Make changes to your computer’> click Yes,
  • And at the command prompt> type chkdsk H: / f> press Enter (H represents the partition of the station in question)

Wait until the restoration process is complete.
Make sure you have done this for each hard disk partition that produces the error message ‘File or directory is bad and unreadable’.


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