The specified user does not have a valid profile error [Fix]

In Windows 10, some users face the problem that they only log in through a temporary profile after the upgrade. Here, the desktop and start menus can no longer be used, because the data is still attached to the old user profile. We’ll show you what you can do about it and how to resolve the “Windows 10: Temporary Profile” issue.


Windows 10: Temporary Profile – Reasons

The “temporary profile” issue often occurs in Windows 10 after upgrading from your neighborhood’s previous operating system.
Error Most of the computer system registry is wrong.
In this case, Windows 10 cannot log in and can try to resolve the issue by logging in with a temporary, temporary profile.
However, this means providing access to your own files in your user profile.
The full error message is:

You are logged in with a temporary profile. If you log out, your changes to the user profile will be lost. Read the event book or contact your organizer for more information.

Some users also report that they have logged out of the blue with a temporary profile, even though nothing has changed on the computer. In this case, the problem is also in the registry. Third-party programs such as virus scanners or registry cleaners may be installed that prevent access to user profile data.

Fix the temporary profile in Windows 10


  • How to resolve the issue with the temporary profile:

Simultaneously press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog.
windows menu click press the +R , click the Run Menu toolbar, and then press (regedit) and press Enter to open the registry.
Navigate to the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList
Here you will find different subkeys, including two with the same name.

  • One subkey has the end “.bak”, the other does not.
  • Delete the subbox WITHOUT the end “.bak”.
  • Then click on the subkey with the extension BAK and press F2 to rename it.
  • Remove the end “.bak”.
  • Restart Windows 10.
  • You should then be able to log in with your old user account as usual.

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