The system detected an overrun of a stack-based buffer [FIX]

The system detected an overrun of a stack-based buffer [FIX]

According to reports from users experiencing problems, that of stack-based buffer overrun error message occurs mainly in the following two situations:
After opening the computer in Safe Mode for Windows running into specific problems, such as explorer.exe kept open.
When trying to install a desktop application Twitch or dispute.
You may have tried different solutions but in vain. To eliminate this problem, I put together a few methods as possible and put them all together in this post. Hopefully, they can help you.

How to Fix Overrun of Stack-Based Buffer Issue

  1. Scan your computer for viruses or malware
  2. Run SFC And DISM Command

Fix 1: Scan Computer for Virus or Malware

As the error message suggests, a specific program may be running with privileges, provides controls for malicious users, and will be affected by specific malicious code or program. So, it is necessary to scan your computer for potential viruses or malware.

It is recommended to do a scan of the Windows Defender Offline and here’s how to do it:This kind of scan will help you remove malicious software that is difficult to remove, and it requires a restart to complete the process. It takes about 15 minutes, and you have to wait patiently until the scan is complete.

Fix 2: Run the SFC And DISM Command

Damaged system files or Windows image files at the same time also can cause a buffer overrun detected on your computer. To fix the heap-based buffer overrun problem in this case, you can try using the System File Checker (SFC) and the Deployment Image Treatment and Management (DISM) utility.
Step 2: Input cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open a Command Prompt as an administrator.
Step 4: Enter the following command line and press Enter after each one to execute them:

  • DISM / online / Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth
  • DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

Once the operation is completed successfully, exit windows, and restart your computer, check if the problem of stack-based buffer overrun has been completed. Additionally, you can rerun the SFC scan as your requirement.

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