This app will not work on your device error [Solved]

If you have installed an app against your Windows 10 computer that is not compatible with your operating system, you may receive an error message stating that the app cannot run on your computer. Contact the software publisher to find the right version for your individual computer. Are you looking for a reliable solution now? Do not worry. 4 solutions have been added for you.


Solution: Create a new administrator account

If you have another user account, go to the account and try to install this program again. Don’t have another administrator account? Follow the steps below to create a new administrator account and correct this error.

1. Go to “Settings” and click “Accounts”;
2. Click users” and “Add someone else to this computer;
Follow the instructions and create a new account.
4. click button Add a user without a Microsoft account. Set the password and other information;
5. Login with the new account and see if you can install and use the app now.


  • Enable app side-loading

Press Windows + I keys and click “Update and Security;
Click the button For Developers” and choose the “Sideload apps” option.
See if we resolve the issue. The affected program may need to be reinstalled.


Disable SmartScreen

  • Press Windows + S keys and enter “ smart screen ”;
  • Click on ~ App & Browser Controls ~ and the ~ Disabled ~ option ;
  • The approval of the administrator is required. Perform this process with your administrator account;
  • Then try again to download and install this app.


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