[Ultimate FIX] Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth 4.0 driver error

The Bluetooth 4.0 Qualcomm QCZ9565 has a driver error that is exacerbated by corrupt or missing drivers. This post shows you a few ways to repair your Bluetooth system driver problem for good.

Qualcomm Bluetooth chips are powered by Windows laptops to allow Bluetooth on notebooks. That said, while attempting to link to your Bluetooth headset or mic, the Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth 4.0 often has a driver issue.
As the error shows, a flawed or expired Qualcomm Bluetooth system driver typically causes the error. Try upgrading the driver to correct the bug. If not, to see if it works, roll back to the previous edition.

Suppose the Bluetooth driver has not received the new upgrade or has any other technological snags, so it affects Bluetooth’s functioning on your device. The Qualcomm Atheros driver is used for Windows PCs. If, for whatever reason, the driver becomes terrible, therefore it does not link to Bluetooth devices. You will experience the Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth 4.0 Driver Error as you attempt to attach your headphones or other gadgets.

I’ve explained some quick fixes in this guide to fix this issue. Non-tech-savvy consumers can not usually know how to roll back or install a new Bluetooth driver update. So they will be helped out by this guide. The firewall on your Windows PC can even disallow a new Bluetooth client from setting up a link. I’m going to clarify how to fix that as well. Now let’s proceed with troubleshooting.

Qualcomm Bluetooth 4.0.0 has been installed on several Windows 10 laptop users. Compared to other BlueTooth chips, this piece of equipment provides the highest performance. Many consumers, though, have experienced Qualcomm Bluetooth 4.0 Driver Error QCZ9565.

So these users are using this article’s support to circumvent this Windows 10 BlueTooth Not Functioning bug. Users are, however, permitted to incorporate more than one solution to solve their dilemma. So, if you are one of those people before you enforce them, I would suggest that you read the drafted guidelines carefully.

This post will discuss a few troubleshooting measures to help fix your Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth 4.0 issue in Windows 10 with a driver error.

How do I address the issue with the Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth driver?

1. Bluetooth Driver Upgrade with DriverFix

DriverFix upgrades drivers automatically,

DriverFix for Windows is an advanced driver update utility. It provides an easy, fast, and safe way to upgrade all your drivers with a single click to enjoy the device’s better output.

DriverFix searches for lost and obsolete system drivers after the initial launch. You may go through the report and either chose to upgrade a specific device driver or choose to download and activate all the obsolete device drivers.

The built-in transfer manager assists with handling updates of in-progress drivers. You can easily update drivers for all the gadgets attached to your PC, with over 18 million driver files available for download. To simplify the upgrade and backup phase, it also comes with a schedule manager and driver backup function.

DriverFix’s main features:

  • Enables uploading and upgrading of disabled and obsolete system drivers with one command.
  • Built-in manager for downloads and timetable manager.
  • Driver Backup saves a backup of a compiled format containing all the drivers.
  • There are over 18 million downloadable driver files online.

2. Updating the Rollback Bluetooth Driver

A Driver Issue with Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth 4.0

  • Press + R on the Windows key.
  • Please type devmgmt.MSC and then press OK.
  • Expand the Bluetooth division inside the System Manager.
  • Right-click and choose Properties on your Qualcomm Bluetooth computer.
  • Open the Driver tab in the Properties Pane.
  • Select the Driver’s Roll Back icon. If it’s greyed out, it indicates that you can’t roll back the system manager driver.
  • To roll back the driver to the previous iteration, continue with the on-screen directions.
  • To save the modifications and reset your device, press OK.

Try linking to every Bluetooth system after you’ve rolled the driver out to see if the error is fixed. If an error has occurred after installing a Windows upgrade, installing the previous version of the Bluetooth driver can support it.

You may still manually install the driver’s previous iteration if the roll-back driver button is greyed out.

Visit your laptop manufacturer’s download center to update the driver manually. Download and update a suitable edition of your PC’s Bluetooth driver.

3. Check the firewall and antivirus

A Driver Issue with Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth 4.0

  • Click + I on the Windows icon.
  • Go to Protection & Change.
  • Windows Protection Available.
  • Tap on Network Security and Firewall.
  • Choose a public image or one that is involved at the moment.
  • Toggle the Windows Defender Firewall option to uninstall it.

Note: If you are utilizing a protection system from a third party, even if it arrives with its firewall, make sure it is also disabled.

Enable Bluetooth once you have the firewall down and try connecting to every Bluetooth activated system to search for any upgrades.

If the problem persists, uninstall the antivirus as well. Expand the device tray by pressing the arrow icon to uninstall the antivirus. Right-click the antivirus icon and choose Temporarily Disable or a similar choice.

Now that both your firewall and antivirus are disabled, consider linking your PC to a Bluetooth unit.

Be sure to activate the Windows Defender Firewall if the problem is resolved. Replace superior protection software for the antivirus.

4. Uninstall the Bluetooth computer and reinstall it again

A Driver Issue with Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth 4.0

  • Click + R on the Windows icon.
  • Please type devmgmt.MSC and then press OK.
  • Expand the Bluetooth division inside the System Manager.
  • Right-click and pick Software Uninstall on the Qualcomm Bluetooth device.
  • By clicking on Uninstall, validate the operation.
  • Reboot the machine until uninstalled.

Windows can automatically detect the system after the restart and load the appropriate drivers. If the drivers are not found and installed by Windows, open System Manager, press Operation, and then pick Check for hardware adjustments.

The Bluetooth 4.0 Qualcomm QCZ9565 has a driver concern that can be fixed by upgrading the driver.

If not, consider rolling the driver back to the previous update or reinstalling the Bluetooth system to resolve the mistake.

Alternative Approaches to Repair Bluetooth 4.0 Driver Fault with Qualcomm QCZ9565

Address Qualcomm QCZ9565 Error with Bluetooth 4.0 Driver

Try removing the firewall first. You can also disengage your antivirus before the Bluetooth link with your preferred gadget can be created.

Render Windows Firewall disabled

Here’s how you should manage this.

  • To move to Preferences, click the Windows key + I.
  • Then, press Protection & Upgrade.
  • Safety for Windows & updates

Press Windows Protection on the left-hand panel of the next computer.

  • Protection for Windows
  • Tap on Network Security and Firewall
  • Firewall for Windows and network security
  • Then press Public Network, which is possibly your access to the Internet/WiFi.
  • Disable public network firewalls
  • You can see that the firewall of Microsoft Windows is working, labeled as On.
  • To turn it off, press the button.
  • On the other side, if some 3rd-party Antivirus device secures your Windows PC, then you must also disable it.
  • Click to expand on the machine tray and see the Anti-virus icon.
  • Right-click on it > click Briefly Disable (depending on your antivirus, the exact word may differ)

Updating the Rollback Bluetooth Driver

You have to roll back the latest firmware update of the Qualcomm Atheros driver mounted on your PC in this troubleshooting phase.

  • Type System Manager in the Type Here to Scan Box
  • In the corresponding performance that emerges, press Open.
  • Then click to extend under Bluetooth, and you can see several drivers and services displayed in the folder.
  • On the page, scroll down and check for Qualcomm Atheros QCZ9565 Bluetooth.
  • Right-click > In the mini-menu that emerges click Properties.
  • Then navigate to the Driver dialogue box that opens,
  • The trouble with Qualcomm Atheros QCZ9565 Bluetooth driver
  • Under that on the left hand, you will see a choice which says Roll back driver. Tap on it.

If this choice is greyed out, that means you can’t roll right back. To resolve this, you must contact your laptop manufacturer’s support team and ask them to provide you with a guide to download the latest firmware update of the QCZ9565 Bluetooth driver from Qualcomm Atheros. Then follow the connection and update/install the driver manually.

Uninstall QCZ9565 Bluetooth Driver for Qualcomm

Another workaround is to disable the error-displaying Qualcomm Bluetooth driver. And after you restart your PC and connect to the internet, the device can reinstall the driver’s new update.

Here are the moves that were taken to disable a Bluetooth driver for Qualcomm QCZ9565.

  • Type System Manager in the Type Here to Scan Box
  • In the sequence that emerges, press Open.
  • Then to extend Bluetooth and the drivers and facilities, press.
  • On the list, navigate to Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth QCZ9565.
  • Uninstall Qualcomm’s QCZ9565 Bluetooth driver
  • Right-click to highlight it and pick Uninstall Computer from the pop-up menu.

These are all the functional approaches for troubleshooting the issue with the Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth Driver 4.0. Check it out and let me know whether or not this stuff has worked for you.

Alternative Correction

4 Methods to Repair Qualcomm QCZ9565 Error with Bluetooth 4.0 Driver

Windows 10 upgrade

  • Click the keys to Win + I.
  • Navigate to Protection & Upgrade
  • Please press the Download tab.
  • Enable your machine to update files that have been downloaded.
  • Reboot the PC.

BlueTooth Drivers RollBack

Bluetooth 4.0 from Qualcomm QCZ9565

  • On your keyboard, click the Windows + X key.
  • From the menu that emerges, pick the system manager.
  • Expand the segment on Network Adapters.
  • Right-click and pick Properties on the mounted BlueTooth engine.
  • Navigate to the Tab Driver
  • Tap on the tab for RollBack.
  • Disable Firewall & Antivirus

If you are using Windows 10 antivirus software, uninstall the security and verify if the problem is fixed or not. The same refers to users who have the Windows Defender Firewall switched on. They will need to uninstall this facility for Windows 10 by taking the following steps:

Error with Qualcomm QCZ9565 Bluetooth 4.0 Driver

  • Launch settings for Windows 10.
  • Swipe down to Upgrade & Protect and press
  • From the left-side menu bar, pick Windows Protection.
  • From the right side of the browser, click on Firewall & Network Security.
  • Select Public Network Now
  • Disable the Windows Defender Firewall Toggle.
  • Remove all those tabs.
  • Reinstall Drivers for BlueTooth

Address Qualcomm QCZ9565 Mistake with Bluetooth 4.0 Driver

  • On your keyboard, click the Win + R buttons.
  • Enter Devemgmt.MSC and hit the Enter button
  • Locate & extend adapters for networks
  • Right-click the BlueTooth that was installed and press Uninstall Device

If completed, restart your machine and allow it to get the drivers that have been installed.

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