Unable to download Windows 10 Creators Update [Fix]

Windows 10 updates creator finally up and running. We can expect many positive changes because it seems that Microsoft finally discussed several Loyo features from the previous release. However, some users can’t see the latest upgrades because they cannot download it.

This is not an unusual problem when it comes to the major update of Windows 10. All previous updates have download issues, especially in the first few days after the release. Because of the creator renewal, just like its predecessor, released in waves, you might not get it in the initial release. The server can also be easily flooded because the number of active users patiently clicks on the ‘check update’ link.
However, if we exclude the universal factors, you may have individuals, specific problems that block updates. For that purpose, we list a possible solution so you can solve problems related to updates with your updating process. You can find it below.

How to fix the download issue of the maker update
Disable upgrade delay options

The first step you have to take is to check the deferred option upgrade. That is, when activated, this feature will prevent a massive increase from the installation. And, because the creator update is the major update, ‘delaying upgrade’ will block it. This is how you can deactivate it:

  • Open settings.
  • Click Update & Security.
  • Click Windows Update.
  • Open advanced options.
  • Uncheck the Delay Update box.
  • Return to the Windows Update window and click ‘Check Update.’

If the issue is not related to upgrade delay, continue to additional solutions.

Check your storage

To install updates, especially the main ones such as the creator update, you must provide enough space on your system partition. You must have at least 16 GB of space for 32-bit architecture and at least 20 GB for 64-bit architecture.

You can lighten the hard disk file that is not used manually by deleting or transferring data to alternative partitions. Next, you can use the default disk cleanser to get space by deleting a temporary file.

  • In the search window, type the disk cleaning and click on the Disk Cleanup icon.
  • Under the file to delete a temporary file and click OK.
  • Also, you can clean system files too. Just click on the system clean file and click OK.

It must make enough space for the creator renewal to download and install.

Upgrade later

Remember that the Windows update server might be crowded, especially in the first few days after the release so, if you are sure that every other aspect at the point, you must try to update later.

Disable the meter connection

Also, you must deactivate the meter connection. The meter connection is there to prevent additional costs and to resist Windows updates from monopolizing your bandwidth. Put, when this feature is activated, you will not be able to download and install any update.

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