Unidentified network message on Windows 10 [Complete Fix]

The Internet is a part of our life now, we use it on daily bases, and any error in the internet connection can literally affect our important work or even be annoying in our free time when we want to relax while watching a good movie. Here some step by step methods that resolve the unidentified network message issue on Windows 10.

Photo by Thomas Jensen

Turn off the airplane mode:

  • Press Windows key + A key
  • Action Center will open
  • Look if airplane mode is on. If, yes then turn it off and see if the issue persists

Update network card drivers:

  • Press Windows key + X key
  • Then select Device Manager
  • Now locate your network adapter and right-click on it and select Update Driver Software from the given menu
  • Next, click on Search automatically for updated driver software and wait for Windows to update the driver

Disable your antivirus:

Some of your antivirus features may be intervening in your system, and so causing the error. So it would be best if you considered disabling some of your antivirus features for a while or a better solution is to install more compatible and better antivirus software that won’t cause such errors in the future.


I hope this article helped you resolve the unidentified network message error, and you were able to go back to your routine with your internet connection.

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