Unknown Device ‘acpi\ven_smo&dev_8800’ error: Fix this error within minutes

After updating your Windows computer, you may get some mistakes related to the driver installed on it. You might also have to update or delete installation and reinstall some of these drivers to correct system errors. However, in other situations, while verifying the application and installed drivers, you might find some unknown entries in the Windows 10 system, and such conditions may refer to the device driver ‘Acpiven_Smo & Dev_8800’.

If you look at the ‘Acpiven_Smo & Dev_8800’ driver, don’t panic. Unlike other error messages, not malicious software.

Exactly as I described above – lost device drivers are not recognized by the Windows 10 system. Unfortunately, in this case, Windows system cannot install the driver automatically, so you have to take the material into your own hands.

Fix unknown devices ‘ACPIVEN_SMO & DEV_8800’ in Windows 10

  • Unknown drivers can be found through Device Manager.
  • You can access the device manager using a Windows search console: Click the Cortana icon, type the device manager, and select the first results.
  • From Device Manager, under other devices, you will most likely find an unknown device entry.
  • If you right-click on this field and select Properties, you can find further details, such as the value, which must be ACPIVEN_SMO & DEV_8800.
  • Now, at this time, you need to access Dell’s official webpage from where you have to download and install a motion sensor related driver, a free-fall sensor, or digital accelerometer hardware.
  • Apply this driver manually and after that, restart your computer.

There it is. Now you know that the device entry ‘ACPIVEN_SMO & DEV_8800 is not known because the Dell driver cannot be automatically detected and installed by the Windows 10 system. Therefore, you don’t need to worry; install the driver manually, and the problem is resolved.

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