Upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 [Video]

People are just rushing toward upgrading Windows 10 to Windows 11 but most don’t know the exact procedure to accomplish it. Therefore experts have started preparing comprehensive tutorials on how you can upgrade your Windows 10 to all new Windows 11 without any risk. And yes, without any data loss. Not only this, but you will not need a USB drive or Pen drive as well.

This video tutorial explains not only how to install Windows 11 over Windows 10, but also how to revert Windows 11 back to Windows 10 in case you feel trouble with the new operating system. The good thing you will learn in this video is how to install Windows 11 over Windows 10 while preserving all files and settings.

Looking for the ISO file? Here you can download Windows 11 ISO image file.

How to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11

Here is how you can upgrade:

  • First, download Windows 11 ISO image file.
  • Mount the ISO image (just double click the ISO file). If not opens automatically, go to This PC and you will see a virtual CD/DVD-ROM of Windows 11. Open it.
  • Run the setup file and the installer will load.
  • Go through the install instructions till you reach what you want to keep.
  • Make sure both options (keep files and personal settings) are enabled.
  • Continue with the installation, this process takes time.
  • When completed, sign in to Windows using your password.

That’s all you need to turn Windows 10 into Windows 11. Now you can explore and experience the features of new Windows like start menu, new wallpaper, round-corner File Explorer and more.

How to Uninstall Windows 11 and Roll Back to Windows 10

If you feel regret on this upgrade and don’t feel comfortable or don’t like to live with Windows 11 at the moment, you can always revert back to Windows 10. Just follow these simple steps to undo Windows 11 upgrade.

  • Go to Windows Settings > Update & Security > Recovery
  • In the section Go back to the previous version of Windows 10, press Go back button.
  • Choose one or more reasons why are you going back and click Next button.
  • Press No thanks button.
  • Keep pressing next button and then Go back to the earlier build button.
  • Windows will restart and restore the Windows 10. This process takes some time.
  • Login into your account and you will have the Windows 10 desktop screen.

Some of previous settings may apply if you have made some personalized changes using Microsoft account, but usually it does not happen.

Learn more about Windows 11 on this page.

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