Ways to fix Ddkmd.sys blue screen error on Windows 10

Ways to fix Ddkmd.sys blue screen error on Windows 10

How can I fix the error Ddkmd.sys BSOD?

Here we have easy steps to solve the issue you are facing.
Ddkmd.sys errors can occur for several reasons; thus, I have listed more than one solution. Based on what all the solutions you have tried already, scroll through to find the solution that you have not tried yet.

Solution 1: Uninstall Program Newly Listed

Ddkmd.sys errors may rarely occur out of the blue for a long time until the faulty driver. Most of the time, new programs are installed is the culprit. So, if you have installed a new software application or in the last few days or hours and experience the BSOD after that, it is a good idea to uninstall the software.

  1. Go to Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features.
  2. Click-On Installed tab to make sure the programs listed in the order are recently installed.
  3. Start by uninstalling one program at a time. Remove some if all of them are added at the same time.
  4. You may also need to restart the PC to check if the uninstall program does the trick.

Bonus tip: If you can not remove the drivers or software from the control panel, use the Revo Uninstaller Pro trial version and uninstall the drivers or software.

Solution 2: Remove Recently Installed Hardware

  1. If you have installed the new hardware USB, graphics processors, or even a second monitor for your PC, try to disconnect hardware while to see whether the error is caused by faulty hardware.
  2. Computers can malfunction if the hardware itself is damaged or corrupt drivers.
  3. If the error is resolved, Ddkmd.sys after releasing the hardware; You can diagnose the problem by updating the driver with the latest version or earlier versions.

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