What to do if second hard drive is unallocated on Windows 10

When an external hard drive is not assigned, a computer can not necessarily identify it. In this practical hint, we will show you our expertise in this.


Hard drive not allocated

  • Try connecting the external hard drive to another USB port first, then try again.
  • The cable may be defective. So change it once to check it out.
  • If you still see the error, go to “Control Panel”> “Administrative Tools”> “Computer Management”.
  • Click “Disk Management” on the left and wait for the record to be created.
  • Now right-click on your hard drive and select “Change disk letter and path”.
  • Click “Add” in the next window and select the Free Hard drive letter from the list.
  • Save changes with “OK”.


Other reasons for incorrect identification of an external hard drive

The fact that you don’t need to recognize your hard drive is not necessary because of the software. Hardware can play a role:
The hard disk may never connect properly, or the USB port may be defective. Check the hard drive on multiple USB ports on your personal computer.

Defective hard drives can be a problem. So the current light has to pay off. Also, make sure you can hear the work of the challenging drive.

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