What to do if Skype video is not working on Windows 10?

What to do if Skype video is not working on Windows 10?

Skype is a great tool for messages and instant calls, however, some users report that video does not work on Skype.

This can be a problem, especially if you tend to make video calls often, so today we will try and fix this problem.

1.Install generic drivers

  • Press the Windows + X button to open the Win + X menu.
  • Now select Device Manager from the list.
  • Find your webcam driver, right-click and select Update the driver from the menu.
  • Select Explore my computer for driver software.
  • Now click Select, let me choose from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  • Select the USB video device and click Next.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

2.Remove the problematic application

Sometimes third-party applications can disturb Skype and it will cause the video not to work. This can be a problem, but to fix it, you need to find and delete the problematic application.

Cause This problem is usually virtual video retrieval software, such as Cyberlink YouCam, and to fix the problem, you need to find and delete the problematic application.
Remember that other camera software can cause this problem to appear, so watch all camera applications.
In addition to removing software, the Uninstaller application will also delete all registry files and registry entries related to the application you are trying to delete.

As a result, the application will be completely removed, and there will be no leftover files that can interfere with your system.

3.Make sure you have the latest updates

  • Press the Windows key + my shortcut to open the settings application.
  • Now navigate to the update & security section.
  • Click the Check Update button in the right panel.
  • Windows will now check the available updates and download it in the background. After the update is downloaded, restart your PC to install it.

After updating your system, check whether the problem with Skype is still there.

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