Will Windows 10 turn into Windows 11 on June 24?

There is a rumour about Microsoft launching Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. In fact, the world is waiting for the next version of Windows 10, naming it Windows 11. But what facts say about it?

  • A few years back, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be the last OS for desktop.
  • We may expect a user interface overhaul that will install as an update.
  • The new update may be available as a separate service pack or an optional extra.
  • In our opinion, if Microsoft has plans to rename Windows 10, the most reasonable name would be Windows X rather than Windows 11.

The rumours of Windows 11 seem baseless as Microsoft had already declared Windows 10 to be the last and final version of Windows desktop operating systems. It explicitly means there is no Windows 11 or any number series beyond Windows 10 that will ever release unless Microsoft takes its words back to nowhere.

update: Microsoft has proven us wrong as the Windows 11 ISO image file has leaked on the internet. You can skip the rest of the article here and move to learn everything about Windows 11 page.

While talking about new features, just relax guys. There is no Tsunami of new features expected. Microsoft might be excited because of some big internal changes, not a big deal for the end-users to be expected. Therefore, please control your daydreams.

As Microsoft has given clear hints on winding up Windows 10 X a few days back, we have been expecting a consolidated version of Windows 10 X and Windows 10 desktop version.

If worse comes to the worst and Microsoft finds no way out other than the release of so-called Windows 11, we highly recommend Microsoft to name that version Windows X instead of Windows 11 or any similar name.

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