Windows 10 backup not working/ system image fails [FIXED]

PC stability and performance of the operating system has always been an important requirement. Whenever there is a possibility that we easily lose all data, what are the capabilities and performance of the computer? Then comes the “backup” rescue, a backup of the Windows system.

Despite the best efforts of software developers and hardware developers, you can never guarantee the complete security of information and stability of our computers. Possible interruptions to work include faulty hard drives, voltage peaks, and software errors caused by system malfunctions or virus attacks. Any of these errors can severely damage us in our daily activities: loss of data or complete failure of the system will stop the work process for a long time and give us our precious time already. Will be forced to waste.

What is Windows 10 Backup?

First, Backup offers to create a kind of “snapshot” of your system, which latter includes all the programs and drivers installed in it for all your devices for restoration. This literally means that in the event of system failure, you can restore the system to the format it was saved to during backup, without having to reinstall and reconfigure Windows from scratch.


Step-by-step instructions for creating a copy.

  • Open the “Start” menu or click the search button on the taskbar and find the “Control Panel” menu.
  • Select “Large / Small Icons” format in display settings.
  • From the list that appears, select the File History item.
  • Select the “System Image Backup” entry in the lower-left corner (also marked with a shield). In the
  • left pane, click the Create System Image button.

We will define the media on which your system image will be stored (as you can see, supported media only contains hard drives and DVDs, and network storage).

  • Please review the selected settings and make sure they are correct, let’s start the process by clicking on the “Archive” button.
  • After creating a window 10 icon, the utility offers to write the resulting archive on an external drive (if you copied it to a built-in disk). This way, you can restore the system even if the hard drive is damaged. Agree to this advice and repeat the same copy process. Everyone! Your Windows 10 copy is ready for future retrieval.

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