Windows 10 Safe Mode not working [FIX]

The Safe Mode option in Windows 10 helps you start a PC in a way that bypasses any problems that can prevent your operating system from the normal boot. This is a useful tool, especially when you need to solve Windows problems.

Safe Mode uses minimum drivers set and function to boot your PC. However, you can sometimes find that even in safe mode, your PC will not start. The following solutions provide a few necessary troubleshooting steps to fix the safe mode problem you might encounter in Windows 10.

How to fix a secure mode problem in Windows 10

System recovery

Restoring your computer to the previous point in time when working usually can help this situation. To do this step, do the following:

  • Enter a system recovery in the search menu and select Reset this PC.
  • Choose Start.
  • Select whether you want Windows to save your files or delete everything.
  • Follow the instructions to recover your PC to normal conditions before.

Run the system file checker

Insert the SFC / Scannow in the search menu and select the command prompt to run your system file checker.

Wait for scanning to run. When finished, restart your PC and see if it reboots in this safe mode this time.

Third-Party Software

If the necessary troubleshooting steps described above do not function, you can use third-party tools to fix damaged safe mode. There are many free software products out there for that. Keep in mind; you must first create a system recovery point before running any program you might find.

System Configuration Utility

You can also quickly complete a safe mode error using a system configuration tool if you cannot enter a secure mode. However, this must be your last choice for forcing your PC to boot in safe mode. That means your computer can enter the loop.

Use the “Run” window to launch a system configuration in Windows 10. Just press the Windows + R button, and then type ‘MSConfig’ in the text field. Click Enter. You can also use Cortana to access system configuration utilities. Type “system configuration” in the search field Cortana and click Enter.

Under the Boot tab> Boot option, check the safe boot and minimum option and press apply. Reboot your PC. After you have finished working in safe mode, return to MSConfig and uncheck it at Safe boot.

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