Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 Build 22000.100 (KB5004300) Update – What’s New?

Windows 11 build 22000.100 (KB5004300) released on July 22, 2021 and is available to download and install for Windows Insider users.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.100 released via Dev Channel.

Anyone can join Windows Insider Program and download Windows 11 (22000.100) version.

Existing Windows 11 users can check for updates and install 22000.100 build updates.

Download Windows 11 Build 22000.100 (KB5004300) here.

What’s new in Windows 11 (Build 22000.100) update?

Here are most remarkable new features of this 22000.100 update.

  • Microsoft Teams chat is now a part of Windows 11 default apps ans will come pre-installed.
  • The hidden icons flyout also got Windows 11 acrylic visual style. If you don’t notice this change, change the theme once and it will refreshed.
  • Focus assist is now accessible from Notification Center.
  • The background attention seeking app icon now flashes with a light red color (it used to be shiny red). Besides that soft color, the flashing or blinking now stops after a few time (it used to keep flashing for almost an infinite time).
  • Touch keyboard icon got its space and the issue has fixed that caused other icons to enter touch keyboard icon space.
  • Pressing the chevron icon in the top corner will fully minimize or collapse down the Calendar flyout.
  • A new animation effect is visible in Microsoft Store when you select an app or movie. This animation helps you not miss the app, game or movie. you just clicked.

These are the new features in Windows 11 build 22000.100 so far.

We encourage you to update Windows 11 to download and install 22000.100 update as soon as possible.

Did we miss any feature in the above list? If so, let us know us.