Windows 11 Desktop Wallpapers Location in C Drive

Where can I find the desktop backgrounds in Windows 11?
Microsoft included a futuristic home screen wallpaper with Windows 10 when it was first introduced. With Windows 11, Microsoft took it a step further by including various abstract backgrounds.

The folder is concealed; it isn’t in the Pictures folder, as rational thinking would lead you to expect. Instead, look in the following location for Windows 11 wallpapers: C:\Windows\Web\


Windows 11 walllpapers default location in Windows folder

This folder has four sub-folders, each of which includes a few photos of varied sizes and resolutions. The Bloom (flower-inspired) primary wallpaper and its dark mode version are located in the following folders:


In the Settings > Personalization screen, Windows 11 only shows the last 5 wallpapers you used. As a result, if you change wallpapers often, the Settings app will not show the operating system’s default wallpapers.

You’ll have to carefully search for them, and the folder isn’t simple to discover if you don’t already know about it. However, there is a quick and easy solution to restore the default backgrounds.

All you have to do is switch themes, and the matching wallpaper will be placed as your desktop backdrop.