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Windows 11 – Everything you should know!

Microsoft announced in 2015 that after Windows 10, no new version of Windows will be made and Windows 10 will be the last version. After that, new updates will be released only every few months, which are called service updates. That’s what Microsoft’s CEO said at the time, and the world was convinced that the rest of their lives would be spent with Windows 10. But recently, it seems that Microsoft has proved us wrong and announced the release of a new version which is being called Windows 11.

Until a few days ago, we were thinking that Windows 11 has no reality and everyone may have misunderstood the statement of the current CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. However, now we also feel that Windows 11 is really about to be released. Because Microsoft has stated that support for Windows 10 will end in 2025. It was a shocking statement.

A clear proof of this is the recently leaked Windows 11 ISO file which has spread like wildfire on the internet. Not only that, but many experts have downloaded and installed it on their computers and are checking it in detail.

Although this is only a developer version, it is a complete Windows in which everything is working properly except for a few bugs. It’s still hard for many to believe, but the fact is that the leaked Windows has the Windows 11 label clearly in various places.

In fact, Windows 11 is actually a replica of Windows 10 and Windows 10X. It would not be wrong to say that Windows 11 has a combination of these two features so that both can be enjoyed in the same Windows.

Windows 10 is a very successful version, but over the past few years, Google’s operating system, called Chrome OS, has begun to gain a foothold in the laptop market. Remember that Chrome OS has been around for a long time, but there was nothing special about it before. As far back as we can remember, at a Windows 8 event, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer laughed at the name Chrome OS because Chrome OS was called the operating system.

But now it’s time for Microsoft to start working on the Windows 10X project to compete with Chrome OS, as people began to like Chrome OS because of its lightweight and long-lasting battery life. ۔ And more than that, because of its straightforwardness and protection from viruses and other hassles, people are starting to take it seriously.

So Microsoft started working on Windows 10X, but recently announced that work on this project has been stopped. This may be due to the fact that instead of creating a separate operating system to hunt down its users, it is possible to combine the features of both into one operating system and shoot down both the victims with one arrow. The same effort can be seen in Windows 11. And we think that’s a good thing.

Let us know what you think about it. Our comments may not make a difference to Microsoft, but discussions will help us better understand the new Windows 11 operating system.

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