Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 Shortcut Keys

Windows 11 has introduced a few shortcut keys that are new and specific to Windows 11 only. These shortcut keys can be used to access widgets, quick settings, notification centre, snap wizard, etc.

Most of these shortcut keys are newly introduced for the first time in Windows 11, while a few have replaced Windows 10 shortcut keys. Such replacement keys might confuse you at first but with time you will be able to replace the old function with the new Windows 11 function.

Windows 11 shortcut keys list

Here are all new Windows 11 shortcut keys that might interest you. Have a look at this placed and try to remember the most important shortcut keys for you.

  • Windows + W was used to show ink workspace in Windows 10 but now this shortcut key has has replaced and and will launch Windows 11 widgets for you.
  • Windows + A shortcut key will give you access to to Quick settings in windows 11.
  • Windows + N shortcut key will launch notification centre.
  • Windows + Z shortcut key have you get access to to the new to snap wizard feature in Windows 11.

So these are the all new shortcut keys for windows 11 so far. We will keep updating the list as soon as new shortcut keys arrived. We encourage you to try this is on your Windows 11 and see how they work on your Windows 11 device.

If you know any shortcut keys that we missed and is not listed here you can proudly e share your discovery with us in the comments section.

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