Windows 365 overview

Windows 365 – Is it right for you?

Microsoft has announced a revolutionary Windows 365 named service. People have watched its introduction and are excited to have it as soon as it launches, or even before.

Before making a decision, let’s see what features and benefits it offers.

  • Windows 365 is purely based on cloud computing. It means you will virtually access a powerful server in Microsoft datacenter or so.
  • Teams can work and collborate accordingly.
  • You can access and use Windows 365 on any device, any operating system (Mac, Linux, Android, Chrome OS) that has a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and so).
  • Windows 365 bills on subscription system basis. These are paid subscriptions (not like YouTube free subscriptions, lol).
  • Windows 365 is a service, more than an operating system. Currently it operates on Windows 10 OS. Maybe it will upgrade to Windows 11 on its official release.

There are a few more features and details that are common in such cloud based subscription systems. But stop for a while, and think, is Windows 365 right for us?

Is it suitable for a single person whose laptop sufficiently fulfils his needs?

Is Windows 365 best for gamers or playing graphic heavy games like Call of Duty, PUBG, GTA, Tekken 7, etc?

Is Windows 365 affordable for small business and firms?

Let’s ffind answer of these questions quickly. We and you will answer them ourselves.

First of all, Windows 365 is more suitable for teams rather than a single person who has nothing special to do with cloud computing.

If your laptop can effectively suffice your everyday job, Windows 365 would be not more than an overhead for you.

Gamers, yes Windows 365 is assumed to have an immensive power to play any graphic heavy game by using cutting edge GPUs, processors and other hardware. So it depends on your preferences and budget either subscribe to Windows 365 or buy a gaming laptop or PC. But hey, Windows 365 was not meant for gaming.

For business, small business and firms may feel Windows 365 an overhead because of its subscription charges. Moreover, the scope of Windows 365 approach is too large for small business.

What you think about Windows 365? Please let us know about your ideas.