Windows Uninstaller is not working [100% Fixed]

Is there a program you can’t remove through Windows Installer (programs and features)? If Windows Uninstaller does not appeal to a specific program, you don’t want to fix these installers. Instead, the software installation may be compromised or you may not be able to access it properly. Some resolutions to remove a program are when Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 are not installed.


Fix Windows uninstall problems


First, check the program installer and the Uninstaller. That Microsoft’s Troubleshooter can fix a bug that prevents users from removing software. You can use the following troubleshooters in Windows 10, 8.1, and 7.

  • First, open this web page in your browser.
  • Click the download button in the folder to install and remove the application troubleshooter.
  • Then open the troubleshooter in the folder where you saved it.

Click Advanced and select the automatic restoration option.
Click the Next button and then select the Remove option.

Select the program that you cannot install from the list below and click the Next button. The problem solver offers a possible solution.


Remove the program through a third-party uninstaller

Third-party removers remove software much better than Windows removers that leave some logs behind. Removal tools may include software that is not listed in programs and features. Therefore, a third party Uninstaller program may also remove a program that does not have Windows Uninstaller installed. This is a highly recommended tool for installers. You can also remove the free Advanced Uninstaller Pro 12 software below.

  • To store the Advanced Uninstaller Pro 12 installation wizard in a folder, click the Download button on this page. You can then open the installation wizard to add the software to Windows.
  • Open the Advanced Installer Pro window.
  • To open a software removal program, select General Tools> Uninstall Programs.

Select the software you want to uninstall and press the uninstallation button.
In the confirmation window that opens, select to use the rest of the scanner.

Then press Yes to confirm.
Select all the files and registry entries in the application window and click the Next button.


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