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Windows 11

Welcome to the front page of Windows 11. Disclaimer first, this is our fan page to bring all possible Windows 11 stuff to the audience, and totally unofficial. You will find here almost anything about Windows 11 release date, graphics, leaks, news, ISO image download links, new features and more. You may bookmark this page for future reference.

Is Windows 11 a real thing?

Yes, it seems to be real, but Microsoft has not confirmed it yet. However, Windows 11 has leaked and available on public without official support. People have downloaded and tried it on their own risk.

The rumours of Windows 11 seem baseless as Microsoft had already declared Windows 10 to be the last and final version of Windows desktop operating systems. It explicitly means there is no Windows 11 or any number series beyond Windows 10 that will ever release unless Microsoft takes its words back to nowhere.

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Windows 11 Release date:

The expected release date of Windows 11 is June 24th, 2021. However, this date might be not a release date rather it could be the announcement date.

Windows 11 ISO download:

The ISO image file of Windows 11 has leaked and available to download unofficially. You can use it for testing purposes but not for commercial purposes nor on working machines. You can download Windows 11 ISO image file here on!

Here is an additional guide on how to download Windows 11 ISO file free trial.

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