Your folder can’t be shared Windows 10 error [QUICK GUIDE]

If Windows 10 can’t find other networks, files, and folders, it’s mostly about the wrong network configuration. Then when you try to access Windows does not show any network or error message at all for which you do not have permission. We show you how to access networks, files, and folders in Windows 10.

Windows 10: Enable file sharing

Please visit the control panel.

  • Click Show network status and functions following Network and All Internet. It starts as a network and sharing center.
  • Within the left navigation, click the Character Change Advanced Discussion Process.
  • In the new window above you can see all three tabs private, guest or public, and all networks.
  • Open the tab in brackets with your current profile.
  • Under the Network Discovery heading, select the Enable Network Discovery option.
  • Under the File and Printer Sharing heading, select Responsive file and printer sharing.
  • Confirm changes from the Save tab.


Windows 10 will now search for networks and file shares. At the same time, the available networks do the following:

  • Press Windows + E key combination to open Explorer.
  • On the left, click the Network Item Planet Navigation.
  • No one has access to folders if networks are shown, sharing passwords may be disabled.

Activate password-protected sharing

If you would like to access folders and find the following message, password sharing has probably been disabled in Windows 10:

‘\\ NETWORK NAME cannot be reached. You may not be allowed to use all of these network resources. Contact the server administrator to find out if you have permission. You can not login with this account from this computer. ”

Then do the following:

As described above (see step 4), select the advanced sharing settings and the all networks check.
Scroll down and activate the actual heading Password protection and select Enable password protection.

Access the network of one’s choice. The Login dialog box for network login information should now appear in anyone who needs to enter a password into your account to access resources.

If you still do not have access to files and folders, you should also check the network settings of other computers for errors: Set Windows 10, 7, 8 correctly within the network ۔




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